We care about the planet and are committed to making sustainability the core of everything we do - not only with our high-quality products, 100% natural material choices and timeless designs but also with our way of doing business. We balance aesthetics and ethics, carefully choosing our manufacturers according to their quality and sustainable business practices. For example, our glass factory in the Czech Republic is the first one in the world to use solar panels to power their furnace, and our marble factory in Turkey recycles waste and unusable parts by grounding them into rubble that is used to produce concrete. Moreover, since we only use 100% natural materials for our products, these are also recyclable.


We have removed all plastic components and use only 100% natural and recyclable materials. As far as we can control, we will never use plastic, even for packaging. Instead, we use paper tape and bubble wrap made of 100% recycled paper (yes, it exists). Our packaging is made locally in Stockholm by a small factory that uses cardboard made of 100% recycled paper. The boxes are stapled together, so there is no synthetic glue, which is often made from petroleum-derived and –dependent plastic polymers that do not break down readily after being discarded.

These may be small things, but together they add up to have a positive impact on the environment. If there is a better choice for the planet, we will choose it, even if it costs more. If it benefits the planet, it’s a small price to pay.